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      1. 四房婷婷 潮州市金潤豐陶瓷廠


        In order to make our services closer to customers and conveniently manage, please observe the following guidelines: 
        1, without permission, membership (including membership ID, password) can not be transferred or borrow, for fear ofdisputes and violations. 
        2, we will check identity of every members in order to ensure the authenticity , if there are some inauthenticity , we will cancel membership. 
        3, we have unlimited membership qualification as well as units,geographical and so on. 
        4, if you have become customer members , please contact us to upgrade to VIP members, VIP members can view our latest products. 
        5, if you're not registered, please click on the up page registration button to register.


        :: 會 員 登 陸 ::


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        潮州市金潤豐陶瓷廠 Chaozhou Jinrunfeng Ceramic Factoy  http://www.spatialpourtous.com © 版權所有

        地 址:(1).潮州市鳳塘鎮畔洋村東社開發區 (2).潮州市楓溪楓一鰻場開發區 
        ADD:(1)Manchang Road, Fengyi Development Zone, Fengxi, Chaozhou, Guangdong,China (2).Panyang, fengtan, Chaozhou, Guangdong,China
        電 話(TEL):0768-5329228 傳 真(FAX):0768-5329229 郵箱(E-MAIL):zf@jinrunfeng.com